rethink re‧think [ˌriːˈθɪŋk] verb rethought PTandPP [-ˈθɔːt ǁ -ˈθɒːt] [intransitive, transitive]
to consider a plan or idea again carefully because it might need to be changed:

• If things get worse, the company may have to rethink its strategy.

— rethink [ˈriːθɪŋk] noun [countable] :

• a complete rethink of the company's product line

* * *

rethink UK US /ˌriːˈθɪŋk/ verb [I or T] (rethought, rethought)
to think again about a plan, idea, or system in order to change or improve it: »

The company is rethinking its position on homeworkers.

rethink how/what etc. »

Retailers are paying more attention to male shoppers, rethinking how their goods are marketed and displayed.


The agency needs to rethink its strategy.

rethink UK US /ˈriːθɪŋk/ noun [C, usually singular] (also rethinking [S])
an act of thinking again about a plan, idea, or system in order to change or improve it: »

The incident led to a rethink of the department's health and safety policies.

a complete/fundamental/radical rethink »

A fundamental rethink on executive pay is needed.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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